This is the Sustainability Blog from the Global Shapers Hub Zurich.

In the blog, we portray people who commit a large part of their professional and/or private life to the broad field of Sustainability. This can be anything — from startups combating deforestations, to research on water scarcity, or social work for animal rights (every activity related to the Sustainable Development Goals — SDGs). Our goal is to give readers an inside view of the motivation that drives people, from a very personal and emotional perspective. We don’t want to inform or educate readers, but instead, inspire them by describing the small and big satisfactions one can find being active in the field of sustainability.

In this story, we portray Ann, a Shaper from the Philippines who is the founder of the Masungi Georeserve.

“It’s very real where I am,” says Ann when she is asked about climate change and dying forests. In the Philippines, people’s lives are at risk because of climate change. Water is scarce. Without the cover of the forest, water resources dry out and without the roots of the trees holding the soil, rainwater becomes too dirty to drink. “The destruction of the forest hurts the poor.”

Ann is 28 years old and she is the founder of the Masungi Georeserve…

My name is Marie-Claire. I am 24 years old and a Swiss-based youth advocate. In this role, I fight for sustainable development and ambitious climate action through youth empowerment. The children and youth of our generation as well as future generations are those who will be most impacted by the political decisions made today. People under 30 represent more than half of the current global population. Yet, when it comes to political decisions concerning sustainability and the climate, this majority has no say and, apparently, economic growth and short-term prosperity seem more important to our global leaders. Being aware of…

Global Shapers Zurich

We portray people who commit a large part of their professional and/or private life to working towards more sustainability and combatting climate change.

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